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Mistake No. 2: Have you seen this Silly Way Of Thinking?

No. 2 in the Seven Mistakes Series SWOT – Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats. It’s the defacto layman’s standard for analysis across the corporate spectrum. Often it seems like SWOT is the only non-financial analysis method people remember after B-School, and it shows up everywhere. This may be because it’s simple, straightforward and easy to […]

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Mistake No. 1: Is your data distracting you?

Click this link if video player doesn’t load. No. 1 in the Seven Mistakes Series This article is a transcript (with slides) of the video. In 1996 I worked for IBM. Google didn’t exist yet. Yahoo was the search engine of choice. Netscape Navigator was the most popular browser, and whenever we heard the word […]

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