Interview with Soren Malmborg of Outcome Business War Games

Soren Malmborg is founder and CEO of Copenhagen-based Outcome Business War Games – a consulting firm dedicated to improving negotiation performance through the use of business war gaming.

In this 45-minute conversation with Malmborg and my co-host Sean Murphy you will find:

A discussion contrasting Game Theory and computer models against war gaming techniques for accuracy and usability in group decision theory. During this section Malmborg identifies:

  • The scientific basis for choosing role-playing as a forecasting method
  • The reason that accuracy is important – the initial prediction of reaction creates the premise on which strategy is based
  • The limits of accuracy – we can never achieve 100% (or even 90%) accuracy, but moving from 30% to 50% or 60% is a significant advantage

At about 12 minutes the conversation moves to the specifics of applying war gaming techniques to negotiations, including the most common negotiating situations, the types and amounts of intelligence needed, and the structure of a typical simulation.

Beginning at about the 25-minute mark there is a very good discussion of the difference between rehearsal and role playing, with a breakdown of the techniques commonly used in sales preparation and some ideas on how these can be improved. This part of the interview may be of particular interest to sales professionals and executives, as it discusses the sales process in negotiation terms.

Anyone interested in learning more about simulating competitive situations and war gaming for business will benefit from listening to this interview. Many thanks to Soren Malmborg for participating.