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Is it Complex or Complicated?

The words complex and complicated are often used interchangeably. Both refer to things with lots of parts, and both can refer to things that are difficult to understand. But in Competitive Thinking we use the words differently, and the different meanings are important. Complicated We rely on complicated systems every day, for some of our […]

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Is a Business War Game really a game?

What is a War Game – specifically a Business War Game? Def: A War Game is a form of simulation, often a group-based exercise in which teams (or in some cases individuals) adopt the points of view of (role-play) others whose actions cannot be known but whose influence in a specific situation may be significant.

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What does Competitive Intelligence (CI) really mean?

Def: Competitive Intelligence (CI) – the act of observing, understanding and forecasting the most likely effects and influences of external forces in a business environment, in order to guide and adjust one’s own course of action.

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