Modeling Competitors for Accurate Forecasting – a webinar from IntelCollab

The Competitor Response Modeling ProcessToday I attended an Intelligence Collaborative webinar by Fred Wergeles (pronounced wur’-guh-lees) on Competitor Response Modeling.

Fred did an outstanding job. This is the first time I’ve heard him speak. He presented a simple, four-step process and a four-part framework for finding the necessary information.

I really like this approach. This is the kind of tool and technique anyone can understand and use. Too often Competitive Intelligence (CI) professionals over-complicate things, making it difficult for a layperson to grasp the usefulness of what is being presented. For me, simple is better because I believe that Competitive Thinking is something everyone should do, and the techniques need to be useful in everyday situations for that to happen.

In the next few days Fred’s presentation should be available on SlideShare if you do a search for intelcollab. It may also appear on the Intelligence Collaborative website. I do not know if the presentation was recorded – some are and some aren’t. Either way, I will be breaking down Fred’s method and posting my own take on it in the next few days.