Certified Competitive Intelligence professional Terry FrazierWelcome to CompetitiveThinking.com. I’m Certified Intelligence Professional Terry Frazier and this blog is dedicated to helping you unleash the power of competitive thinking and competitive analysis in your business.

You may have some ideas about what those terms – competitive thinking and competitive analysis – means. At its simplest it is just an organized, repeatable way to monitor, anticipate, and act on the forces outside your company that can affect your success.

And today — especially for established companies — it is often forces outside your company that determine whether or not you succeed.

With all the focus on things like Big Data and Business Intelligence it almost seems like we’ve forgotten this.

There is a wide variety of competitive issues to examine — everything from the best types of information to collect to the best ways to collect it. From the psychology behind competitive decisions to the best forms of supporting decision making throughout your company. And from examining a competitor’s strategy to how to stress-test and improve your own.

Here at CompetitiveThinking.com I’ll cover all of these things and more. I’ll also try to clear up some of the misunderstandings and dispel some of the misconceptions about competitive intelligence that I’ve heard over the years.

I’ve been analyzing and writing about industries and markets since 1998, and I’ve completed projects for numerous Fortune 1000 companies. I’ve also provided research, writing, and consulting services for the international analyst firms IDC and InfoTrends as well as specialty consulting firms like Chicago-based Doculabs and boutique consultancy Madison Advisors.

I want to share what I’ve learned with you and help you build the most competitive business possible.

Have a look around. You can contact me by email or phone, or use the contact form right here on the website. Or find me on twitter @ThinkandCompete.

Thanks for joining me.